4 Effective Time Management Apps for Busy People

Every time you log onto the internet, there seems to be yet another app guaranteed to help busy professionals get organized, manage their time and stay productive. How are you supposed to explore all your options when you’re too busy even to schedule in time to do some research?

You’re busy, which means you either have an okay handle on your schedule but can’t risk veering away from it or you’re a little too disorganized to even know there might be an app out there that could help you virtually glue your life back together and keep things in motion.

Busyness is no excuse for not being able to manage your own time. There are apps for people just like you, and we’ve included short descriptions of key features to help you choose the one that will best fit your needs. Here are four of the most effective time management apps for busy people.

1. Assistant.ai

Assistant by Api-ai

Everyone has their own way of defining the term “busy.” Someone else might be busy because they are just starting their own business and don’t have many employees to delegate tasks to. You, on the other hand, might be busy because much of your work involves traveling, which makes stopping to look up reminders and schedules just isn’t convenient.

If this is you, what you really need in order to manage your busy life and use your time wisely from day to day is an app that assists you with your time and task management while you are on the go and can’t look at a screen, such as when you are driving. Assistant.ai is your app. It is your virtual personal assistant, one that listens to you talk and talks right back to you.

The app is designed so that all you need to do is speak into your phone as if there is a real person on the other end of it. It makes searching, navigating and remembering much less of a trying task. It also remembers who you are and keeps track of things for you, like a real personal assistant, but it’s completely free.

2. Any.do

Any Do

Are you one of those people who makes a note somewhere in your phone and then can’t remember which app you used to take that note? Are you that person who needs some kind of virtual daily planner in order to function, but can never find the right tool to fit your needs?

Your phone and tablet both have plenty of built-in apps to help you make notes and set reminders, but it’s hard to keep track of everything when it’s all stored in different apps. It is much easier and way more convenient to have it all stored in one place. That’s what Any.do does. It lets you make a daily task list, create subtasks, take notes and set reminders for certain tasks so you won’t ever forget what you need to do next.

You can use this app on your desktop, on your mobile device or both. The app lets you sync your tasks between platforms and devices so you can keep track of what you need to get done from wherever you are. It makes scheduling, designating and keeping track of your to-dos much quicker and simpler.

3. Wunderlist


There are a lot of productivity and time management apps out there to help even the busiest people start to get their lives in order. There is just one downside: many of them make it pretty easy to mark things down, but once they’re entered into the app, it’s not always easy to find them again. Especially when you have a very full schedule and a very long to-do list. Thankfully, Wunderlist has a few useful features to take care of this problem.

The Wunderlist app makes it much easier to keep track of ideas, tasks and information you enter into its database. Its unique tagging feature, similar to the way you might use hashtags on Twitter, helps you label everything you enter into the app to make it easily searchable when you are trying to find something in a hurry.

One unique thing about the Wunderlist app is its folders feature, which lets you separate tasks, notes and reminders into separate segmented folders so you do not have to waste time searching for something specific. Grouping together task lists means you will spend less time hunting for what needs doing and more time actually getting things done.

4. Do It (Tomorrow)

Do It Tomorrow

When we are busy, time management is hard. What makes it even worse is checking our phones, glancing down at that to-do list so long we actually have to scroll through it and realizing, too late, we have way too much to do. Busyness and stress do not mix well together, but that’s no secret: there’s already an app to take care of it.

While the apps above mainly help users keep track of what needs to get done and send them reminders to keep them on task, Do It (Tomorrow) takes a little bit of a different approach to time management and productivity, which can be refreshing when you have a tendency to feel burdened and overwhelmed by stress.

When you use Do It (Tomorrow), you won’t have to look at a long list of tasks and silently start panicking about how you are going to get it all done in one day. Who says you have to? This app literally lets you swipe tasks away, moving them to tomorrow’s to-do slot so you won’t worry over them, or forget them. So if you can’t finish something today after all, no sweat: just move it to tomorrow and rest assured it will still get done.

No matter how busy you are, there are apps out there that have been designed specifically to help remind you of what is coming up, manage your time on the go, compartmentalize different tasks and manage your stress. You can be busy but productive. Try these apps and see if they can help you manage your time better.