Positive Thinking

We all know, or think we know, about positive thinking. But do we really understand exactly what this means? The actual phrase is rather a fluffy one – and while many think they understand what it means, they probably only have a generalized idea of the meaning…

An ambassador on the subject of positive thinking for life improvement is one Barbara Fredrickson, a leading scholar within the subjects of social psychology, affective science, and positive psychology. Her work on the power of positive thinking has led to her (well respected) theory called, Broaden and Build Theory. This theory is, in a nutshell, about the power of positive emotions broadening the mind and opening the individual up to new possibilities and ideas. And this is real stuff, with Barbara being funded for 16 years by the National Institutes of Health and cited in many of their scholarly articles.

We’re all short on time in this 24/7 world we live in. So any help to point us in the right direction without time wasting is always a good thing. And to that end, below are 5 of the most helpful articles that our many followers have found useful when it comes to the power of positive thinking.

3 Ways Most Successful People Deal With Stress

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Aaargh! Stress is not only difficult to deal with, but it’s one of the most destructive forces that reaches into every corner of our lives. Stress at work can affect our relationships, friendships, love life, health… It has fast growing tendrils that permeate deeply – perhaps without you even realizing it.

What the most successful people have in common is that they’ve learned to firstly recognize the signs of stress, and then they’ve discovered how to deal with it. The thing is, you can’t stop potentially stressful things occurring in your life. The difference with successful people is that they know how to cope with them. This article is all about sharing their secrets…

Find Out How To Improve Your Life With Gratitude


It might not be something that automatically springs to mind when talking about positivity, but it really is possible to improve your life with gratitude. Gratitude (and we’re not talking about overwhelming gratefulness for something another individual has done for you – more the recognition of the fact) is certainly a positive emotion. It may well surprise you to know how powerful this trait is to those who use positive ways of thinking to improve their lives.

3 Questions To Ask To Tell If You Really Love Your Work


Do you love your job? Work takes up a massive proportion of our time. So to be truly happy, you need to do something you honestly enjoy. But the thing about work is that it’s an ever-changing, dynamic process. What started off being the job of your dreams might now be a mill stone around your neck – and you don’t even realize it! That’s a very scary thought, and one that’s essential for you to discover the truth about. This article will tell you everything you need to know in order to find out if you truly love what you do, or if you’ve fallen into that ever so common trap that so many of us do. Are you brave enough to find out?

10 Encouraging Quotes To Get You Through Hard Times


We all go through hard times. But the thing is that although the actual situation you’re going through might’ve been experienced by hundreds and thousands of people before you, your EMOTIONS are unique to you.

But do you know what? The fact that others have been there before, albeit with their own personal experience, means that many of the encouraging quotes in this article really can hit the spot. The right words at the right time can be something that means so much. These 10 quotes are hard hitting, truthful and beyond all, helpful when you’re struggling to cope.

5 Best Biographies To Read To Get You Motivated Towards Success


There are so many successful people out there. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson… And there’s a biography for them all. But if you truly want to get motivated, whose story should you be reading? Who will inspire you with the fire to go out and do those things that you’re really capable of? Our article on the 5 best biographies to read will see you hitting the online book stores or heading to your local bricks and mortar shop to stock up on reading material. Because if they can do it, so can you…!

The power of thinking positive is immense. Positivity breeds positivity, just as negativity breeds its opposite.

A great mental attitude is vital for success in all fields of your life. Those who are skilled in diverting their mind to the positive are truly likely to be more successful and happier. And the good thing is that no matter what your personality type, you can train yourself in the art of positivity. It’s time to take control of your life – and it’s time to do it now. Because it’s your life, and you want to live it – so, to steal a famous tag line – “just do it!”