We can all be guilty of failing to be as productive as we could be. The worst thing about the convenience of our technologically advanced world is that there are so many distractions. We all suffer from information overload; we all have tiny attention spans due to the amount of data we process on a daily basis, and this all leads to a lack of productivity. It’s crazy, isn’t it – the very technology that’s supposed to help us actually adds to the problem of not being as productive as we are capable of.

But thankfully there are ways around this. And bizarrely, a lot of these methods are all about managing to turn off the very things that we think help us be more productive: In other words, we need to find a way to release ourselves from the constant stream of information we receive in our busy lives. In addition, we need to work out which parts of technology are positive influences on our productivity, and utilize them accordingly.

Below are some of our most successful articles that many people have found to help them along the path to becoming more productive.

Most Successful People Mediate.  Find Out Why


We’ve already brushed on the subject of how much information we absorb on a daily basis. From news feeds to Twitter, emails to text messages – people can intrude into our lives 24/7. Now, whilst this is great in some respects, in others it’s completely detrimental. And one of these areas is how productive we are. All this constant intrusion means we never get any down time. We simply never get to relax, your brain continues to whir – and even the most determined person can’t help but be slowed down by this. And guess what? This causes stress – and the World Health Organization says that stress is the number 1 health problem in the US.

This is why meditation is such a key to being successful. Managing to switch off from the hubbub of everyday life – even for just a few minutes – allows the brain to process all of this data, and therefore allows you to function at a higher level (not to mention decreasing your stress levels). You know how much better your computer runs after it’s been defragged or had a software scan? Well your brain works very much in the same way. The most successful people know this. And you can follow their example.

Behind Every Successful Man Are These 3 Morning Rituals


We’re funny beasts, us humans. We might like to think of ourselves as mavericks, different, or renegades. But there’s one thing that the most successful of us have in common: and that’s the comforting habit of the ritual. But there’s more to being a creature of habit than simply comfort. Because every successful man (and woman…) follows 3 very similar morning rituals.

And if you’re raising your eyebrows in cynicism, read the full article to realize exactly why it’s true, and why these rituals are so important for success.

5 Best Productivity Apps

productivity apps

Apps can sometimes be a great help in moderation – plus they’re so easy to transport around on your mobile devices. Of course, not a day goes by without more apps being produced, so how on earth do you know which ones will actually help you, and which are either a waste of time and/or a waste of money?

Well, we’ve taken away all of the hard work for you with our guide to the 5 best productivity apps. We’ve taken everything into consideration, from usability to functionality, so that you can check them out safe in the knowledge that these really are the best of the best.

Why Setting Aside Time To Do Nothing Can Boost Productivity


Doing nothing might seem more counter intuitive. But if done correctly, a little bit of R&R is exactly what you need to ensure that when you are working, you’re doing so to the best of your ability. We all know that today’s manic whirlwind of emails, work, calls, and whatever else your working day consists of, certainly takes its toll. Your brain needs time to process the information it’s constantly bombarded with, and giving it that down time actually makes you more productive when your working.

A survey of 1,700 white collar workers by Lexis Nexis showed that more and more of us are feeling overwhelmed and demoralized, and this is largely due to information overload. This article discusses the reasons behind this, and exactly what you can do to ensure you schedule in the right amount of downtime to ensure that when you are working, you really are at the top of your game.

5 Time Management Techniques To Boost Your Productivity


Time management is something that most of us aren’t that great with. We take on more and more; we fail to prioritize; we get distracted by the little things; we then panic that the big things are getting missed, or we simply don’t have the time to give them our full attention.

In this article you’ll learn 5 simple techniques that really will see you managing your time well. It’s all a case of knowing the correct way to manage those working hours – so what are you waiting for?

The key that all successful people share is that they know how to ensure that when they’re working, they’re doing so at the pinnacle of their productive ability. “Work smarter, not harder”, is a very apt saying for today’s world. And by understanding exactly the right ways to boost your productivity, you’ll be able to achieve more in less time. Just a few simple tweaks is all it takes to become one of those uber-productive people. And it’s all in the know-how.

Understand that working yourself to the brink of exhaustion is not the way forward, and the way to counteract this is by putting clever methods into place to ensure you’re always at the top of your game. Only an idiot works himself into the grave. The smart always ensure they have enough down time. And this is one of the key features of success.