Top 10 Paleo Blogs

The paleo diet is still going strong as one of the most popular fad diets out there, especially in the blogging world. The good news is, if you follow the diet correctly, you aren’t going to do much harm to yourself, and it may even be a diet that actually makes you feel better and encourages you to adopt healthier eating habits.

To start, here are the top 10 paleo blogs you should check out, whether you are just thinking about going on a paleo diet or you are just starting out and are looking for some tips and recipes to keep you motivated and healthy.

1. Hunter Gatherer

John Durant

Hunter Gatherer is a blog hosted and written by a professional who specializes in evolutionary psychology. In the blog, he chronicles what it is like to live on a paleo diet and showcases all the ways such a diet has the potential to benefit others as well. His background knowledge about our ancestors and the way they behaved and survived brings a unique and sought after perspective on going paleo as a richer, more fulfilling dietary lifestyle.

2. The Primal Desire

Primal Desire

Honestly, some people take dieting way too seriously. At least, that’s what the bloggers behind The Primal Desire seem to think. Their prose is both witty and relatable, and it’s even informative too, something you won’t be able to find in every diet blog out there on the internet. Their recipes are also creative, delicious and fairly healthy, also a combination that’s hard to come by in the food blogging world. The paleo diet isn’t just about eating junk food and desserts that are considered paleo: it’s about getting creative with real food.

3. The Paleo Mom

Paleo Mom

Moms and science lovers alike will adore this blog. The Paleo Mom is a blog written by, yes, a mom – a mom who lost over 100 pounds while on the paleo diet. She is also a scientist; therefore, she knows a lot about how the body responds to food, and how and why the paleo diet can actually be effective for many people who dare to give it a try. The blog also features tips for encouraging entire families to go paleo together, which is one of the major unique features that makes this paleo blog stand out among the hundreds out there.

4. Balanced Bites

Diane Sanfilippo

If you have hesitated going paleo because you are afraid the recipes and diet will be too complicated, you obviously haven’t checked out this fantastic and well written blog. The Balanced Bites blog is a paleo blog filled with paleo recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. The blogger behind Balanced Bites is a successful author of books about the paleo diet, making her someone you can trust to give you quality paleo diet advice and affordable, simple recipes to try for yourself at home.

5. The Tasty Remedy

Tasty Remedy

The blogger behind The Tasty Remedy was able to heal from a chronic condition and eliminate her need for various medications by going on the paleo diet. Now the nutritional therapist uses her blog to promote healthy eating through recipes and savvy paleo diet tips anyone can follow. You can also access Suzie Bauer’s nutritional therapy services through her blog as well.

6. Paleo Crumbs

Paleo Crumbs

Have you ever stumbled upon a blog filled with recipes that look so good you want to stop what you are doing and make them all right now? Paleo Crumbs is one of those blogs. This young blogger’s original mouthwatering recipes and gorgeous photography will not only draw you in; it will also teach you how to go paleo without even trying, and you won’t realize it until you have already gone out and bought all the ingredients necessary to make some of the blog’s top paleo dishes. What are you waiting for? Get eating!

7. Against All Grain

Against All Grain

Against All Grain is a paleo-centric blog written by a chef and successful cookbook author. She credits going on a grain free diet for ‘curing’ her ulcerative colitis. She therefore uses her blog to spread positive messages about healthy grain free eating and teaches readers how to enjoy their food and not let themselves feel as though they need to deprive themselves of foods they enjoy. Since a major part of the paleo diet is cutting out grains, this is the perfect blog to check out if you are either thinking about going paleo or have just started your journey.

8. Thriving On Paleo

THriving on Paleo

The Thriving on Paleo blog is all about saving money on purchasing food, saving time preparing it and enjoying every moment of each dining experience daily. The blog offers recipes and other tips to help readers form a healthier relationship with food through adopting the paleo diet. Healthy eating, especially paleo eating, does not have to be expensive, time-consuming or downright boring.

9. Primal Palate

Primal Palate

The Primal Palate blog is co-authored by a husband and wife who also happen to be successful cookbook authors. Their blog features recipes, tips, videos and more to help those who want to go paleo – as well as those who have certain food allergies that often make cooking and dining more difficult – leading a healthier dietary lifestyle. This blog is the perfect resource for you if you are looking for something that will actually attempt to teach you what the paleo diet is and how to make it a permanent part of your life.

10. Eat Drink Paleo

Eat Drink Paleo

If authentic global recipes inspire you to get and stay healthy, Eat Drink Paleo is the paleo blog for you. It features various recipes from around the world, all of them paleo, some of them even gluten free. The photography is what makes this blog really stand out: they aren’t kidding when they say images of food can make you hungry even though you just ate breakfast.

These are some of the best paleo blogs out there. If you are thinking about going paleo, these are the perfect, most delicious places to start.