9 Best Dating Sites for Women

When it comes to dating, every single woman is different. Some women are looking casually for someone they might be compatible with. Some women are hard at work trying to find someone who will commit to a serious relationship. Some prefer traditional dating, while others want to try online dating.

Here are nine of the best dating sites for women, so they can find the soul mates they truly belong with.

1. Zoosk


With Zoosk, you can potentially connect with anyone around the world. It encourages people to live the most fulfilling and worthwhile romantic lives possible, and possibly falling in love with someone overseas fits right into that mission. This site is meant for more casual daters, because it does not require you to fill out a profile if you do not choose to do so. It uses a system that tracks your behavior as you search for people, so it can eventually match you with people you might actually want to get to know better.

2. Badoo


Are you nervous about entering the dating game? If so, Badoo should be your first choice when checking out dating websites. This site is one of the easiest, quickest and most fun ways to meet potential romantic partners you may be able to find on the internet. Some of its features operate almost like a game, making it less awkward to swipe through photos of people you do not know and like the ones you think you may have a lot in common with.

3. Match.com


Match.com does not require you to fill out any long, tedious questionnaires. You just sign up, fill in the necessary information and start searching for potential matches. It is one of the most widely used dating websites around the world because the way it works is so incredibly simple. You can message potential partners and set up dates based on whether or not the two of you think you are compatible with one another. The site also offers online dating advice and occasionally sets up singles’ meet-ups so you can meet potential partners in person in a more traditional way.

4. Lovestruck


If your excuse for not being able to meet someone new is that you do not have time to date, Lovestruck is the website you will want to turn to. It is a platform built for professionals with busy schedules and little extra time on their hands. The service matches you with people you live or work near, to make meeting up and getting to know each other in person much easier. Similar to Match.com, Lovestruck also hosts events to make it easier for you to fit meeting someone new into your often otherwise unpredictable schedule.

5. Elite Singles

Elite Singles

Some women do not want to mess around, and do not necessarily consider looking for a life partner “fun.” Elite Singles is one of the best places professional women can go to find a partner who is after the same things they are after. It is a site for established professionals who are looking for serious, long-term relationships. The majority of users have a college education and are over thirty years old. The Elite Singles service matches you with at least three potential partners each day to give you a wide selection of genuine professionals to choose from.

6. eHarmony


If you are looking for a partner that you are actually compatible with, you cannot go wrong with singing up for eHarmony. They are one of few dating websites that have managed to put together a compatibility questionnaire that actually results in potential matches that make sense. This service does come with a subscription fee, but for a site that is actually going to help you find the kind of person you are meant to be with, it is worth the short term cost.

7. Plenty of Fish


So you want a dating website that will match you with people who are as compatible with you as possible, like eHarmony, but you do not want to pay for eHarmony’s services. You might be better off in this case settling for PlentyofFish. You start out by filling out a compatibility survey only once, and then you are matched with potential partners based on the responses you gave while taking the questionnaire. The best part, of course, is that it is free to use.

8. OurTime.com


Women who are older and single often have a harder time finding romantic partners, which is why sites like OurTime are so valuable. This is a dating site strictly for men and women over 50 years of age. Since their routines are pretty much set in stone, and they may not know where to begin when looking for love, OurTime makes it easier for people to connect and plan a casual meet up if they are both interested. The site also offers some tips for meeting fellow older people offline, if and when they get to that point in the process.

9. Mysinglefriend


If your least favorite part about online dating is creating a stellar profile to show off to potential romantic partners, you are really going to like the unique feature mySingleFriend has to offer. Instead of you being in control of your profile and what visitors to that profile learn about you, on this site, that is completely up to your friend. They may be able to describe you better than you can, especially your best qualities, and it also lets you see the best of potential matches as well. You can then take the reins and chat and/or meet up with whomever you please.

Each of these dating websites offers something a little bit different for any and every kind of woman out there. You could be young and just browsing, a single professional looking to get serious or a woman over 50 wondering if she will ever be able to find love again. Be patient. You will find your match. They are out there on the world wide web somewhere, anxious to find you, too.