9 Marketing YouTube Channels to Watch if You Don’t Like Reading

Possibly one of the most difficult things to figure out when it comes to launching and running your own business is how to market it correctly. You probably know basic strategies like posting links on Facebook and Twitter, but it’s a lot more complicated than that. There’s a lot to learn.

With so much to learn, there are a lot of helpful resources out there to help you learn the best promotion strategies. However, a lot of these resources involve a lot of reading material. Either you don’t have the time or patience to read or you just don’t like reading. How are you supposed to learn if you don’t read?

Thankfully, there is a lot more out there than just reading material. You might think that YouTube is just an online hub for cat videos and makeup tutorials, but there is also a lot of educational content out there, even content pertaining to marketing and small businesses specifically.

Here are 9 marketing YouTube Channels to watch if you don’t like reading. Learn how it’s done just by watching the experts.

1. Social Triggers

Social Triggers Youtube

What makes Social Triggers unique is that it recognizes that business owners need to know more than just how to promote the content they create. Entrepreneurs, in order to be successful, need to understand the ways people think and behave, and how to use that as an essential marketing tool. This is a concept this channel incorporates into all of its videos. They’re easily digestible, entertaining and worth a subscription.

2. Entrepreneur Online

Entrepreneur Online

Check out this channel to learn how to market your own business in a way that will attract members of your target audience in a big way. Entrepreneur Online features interviews and advice for business owners, but much of the information covered will give you snippets of wisdom you can then turn around and apply to your own online marketing efforts.

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite Youtube

Similar to LinkedIn, Hootsuite is more than just a tool for professionals. Hootsuite also hosts a YouTube channel including video series that can walk business owners through how to come up with strategies and tactics for using social media to market their businesses. Topics include how to engage with audiences using social media content, brand monitoring and more.

4. VerticalResponse


Need help learning how to market your business using online tools? The unique thing about VerticalResponse is that it gives marketing tips in both short and long form video formats, so you can gather more information whether you have two minutes or twenty. Pretty much anything you might want to learn about marketing a business, you can find it on this channel. What is your business’s “wow factor”? What is search engine optimization and how does it work? Check out their many playlists for more.

5. Videospot

Videospot Youtube

As a business owner, do you know how to use video effectively to expand your audience and show potential customers what you are all about? Videospot teaches you how to use YouTube as a leveraging platform for your business. While a lot of professional “YouTubers” might teach you how to get more views and subscribers, Videospot focuses on the business side of things and how video can help you market your business.

6. Sold with Video

Sold With Video

This channel will teach you all about how to grab potential customers’ attention using video. Videos cover topics ranging from business marketing to SEO and more. Google searches make up a large percentage of the billions of video views on YouTube each day, and there are strategies, such as the Stay With Me technique, to make sure your videos get seen more often.

Watch this video to learn about the Stay With Me technique. Never heard of it? That’s because you haven’t watched the video yet.

7. ClickZ Live

ClickZ Live

Watching ClickZ Live videos will give you more of an expert insight into how digital marketing works, so you can use up-to-date strategies and tactics to effectively market your business using various online tools. Videos found on this channel include recorded video presentations from all around the world from marketing experts discussing a wide variety of marketing topics, from SEO to social media use and more.

8. Eric Enge

Eric Enge Youtube

Digital marketing can be tough to master, especially because it is constantly changing. Business owners have to be constantly aware of current and future trends in search engine optimization and more. This YouTube channel covers not only basic SEO and marketing principles in a variety of video formats, but also features videos about the future of digital marketing and search engine optimization, including a short video about “mobilegeddon.”

9. LinkedIn

LinkedIn Youtube

LinkedIn is more than just a social network built for professionals. It also has a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching professionals and future professionals how to network, form business relationships and make the most of online interactions with those in your industry. This is a great channel for those who want to learn how to make valuable connections online but don’t want to read a plethora of LinkedIn articles.

YouTube is an online content resource both for work and for play. The above channels, and many more than these, can help you learn content marketing strategies to get the word out about your business and better serve your potential customers’ many needs. Whether you want to learn more about social media, blogging or just straightforward strategy, it’s all here, ready, waiting and free for your viewing pleasure.

Good luck learning how to strategically market your business. There’s a lot out there, but with these resources available to you, you are sure to stand out.