3 Websites to Find the Perfect Virtual Office Assistant

Owning a business, for many, is like a dream come true. At least at first. You get to set your own hours. In some cases, you never even technically have to leave your house. Sitting comfortably in your carefully arranged home office, you might feel as though everything has finally fallen into place.

And then reality hits.

There are so many emails in your inbox and phone calls waiting to be returned that you don’t even know where to begin. No matter how many apps you download and plugins you install on your browser, communicating with your team and trying to stay productive, while simultaneously trying to manage your own virtual office, isn’t nearly as blissful as you thought it would be.

It dawns on you suddenly, as you are staring at your computer monitor dreading the amount of emails and notifications you’re going to have when you log in to start your day. You need an assistant. Not someone to share your small office with, but someone working remotely who can take care of all your office-related responsibilities while you focus on bigger projects.

But where do you find a virtual assistant? The answer is simple: look online!

There are a few work life-saving resources out there that will help you find exactly what you need to keep your business running efficiently. Here are three websites in particular that will help match you with the perfect virtual office assistant ASAP.

1. Assistant Match

Assistant Match

The reason many business owners struggle in the beginning is that they are trying, and often failing, to figure out how to balance their sometimes overly demanding work with their equally demanding personal lives. They wrestle with trying to decide if hiring even a part-time assistant is feasible or necessary. If they do decide they need one, they aren’t always sure where to start looking.

Assistant Match understands this struggle, and their name rightfully speaks to what they are doing in the virtual space to solve this common problem amongst entrepreneurs. They are on a mission to provide business owners with exactly the type and amount of help they need without having to worry about whether they aren’t hiring the right person, or continuing to struggle to make ends meet without the help they need.

Another downside of trying to find a virtual assistant is the time it can take to post a request, gather applications, sift through dozens to find the few worth interviewing and selecting the best candidate for the position. What’s unique about Assistant Match is that they take care of all of this for you.

They spend time assessing your business and learning about what you need. They then screen potential virtual assistants to find the gems, even conducting interviews and background checks. By the time they get back to you, they have already selected a handful of the best candidates for you to choose from. This takes the worry out of finding an assistant and ensures you will find the one that will change your work life for the better.

2. VA Networking

VA Networking

VA Networking is an online service that lets you post job requests for free on a job board, but that isn’t the only service it offers. Unlike other job posting-type sites, this one offers a wide variety of resources explaining what a virtual office assistant is and why your business might need one, if you don’t already have one or plan on hiring one in the near future.

VA Networking knows exactly why you are on the hunt for a virtual office assistant. They understand that you are looking for a cost-effective way to save time, be more productive and make optimal use of the virtual resources and technology necessary to run a business in this fast-paced workforce.

You may be in dire need of a virtual assistant and not even know it. VA Network is filled with resources that show you how much more successful your business can be if you hire a virtual assistant. Therefore, it is a great resource for newer business owners who feel overwhelmed but aren’t sure what exactly a virtual office assistant does and how hiring one can benefit their business.

Another amazing feature on the VA Networking website is its cost comparison table, which compares how much time and money it costs to hire a full-time employee to work as your assistant versus how much less time and money it costs to pay a virtual assistant to meet your weekly office needs.

3. Upwork


Upwork is a virtual freelancing network that began as a merger between Elance and oDesk, two similar web-based companies with a mission to connect businesses with freelancers. It is now a renowned platform for helping companies find remote freelancers to assist them in completing various projects.

This is one of the best websites to find a virtual office assistant. Upwork allows you to post a description of your company, the work you need done and the specific responsibilities of potential freelancers, so that each applicant knows exactly the types of work they would be expected to complete if hired.

It is also a secure and reliable network. As a client searching for virtual office assistants, you set the fixed price or hourly rate and, in doing so, commit upfront to paying out that amount when the work is completed. Potential assistants don’t have to worry about outside payment logistics: it all happens within the website itself.

You can be as specific or vague as you want to be when listing out qualifications for potential assistants. You will have the chance to review their freelancer profiles, which are the equivalent of attaching resumes to an email, and can interview and select those you feel are most qualified to work with you.

Running a business doesn’t have to be overwhelming. A virtual office assistant can help you keep things in order and make sure everything continues functioning the way it should. Use these sites to start your search, and in no time you will have found the assistant that is right for you and your business.