7 Best Dating Experts Helping Women

Whether you are 23 or 53, dating is hard. What works to catch one person’s eye probably won’t work the same way on someone else. It’s confusing and often frustrating. While there is nothing wrong with being single, you can’t help but wonder, after awhile, if you are doing something wrong.

You have done everything, it seems like. You have tried traditional dating and online dating. You have read all the tips on how to make your dating profile better and have researched all the right things to say. Yet all your efforts thus far have produced disappointing results, if any results at all.

You may be doing everything right, but that does not mean your tactics might not need some minor improvements. That is what a dating expert is for. They are experienced, often certified professionals who can help you completely turn your dating life around. You just need to find the right one that can give you what you need.

Here are seven of the best dating experts helping women better themselves, gain more confidence, further understand their potential partners and find love that will mean something and last.

1. Annie Gleason

Annie Gleason

Annie Gleason is a midlife dating expert and professional speaker. She is a certified relationship coach and launched Get a Love Life in order to help single older women who might be dating on and off but are struggling to have dating experiences that eventually lead to falling in love.

She offers dating coaching for both women and men but women are her primary audience and the majority of the testimonials and success stories on her site come from women. She also offers group coaching, online dating profile makeovers, dating advice in the form of articles, book reviews and more.

2. Evan Mark Katz

Evan Marc Katz

Evan Mark Katz is a dating coach who specializes in helping smart, successful women understand men and connect with them. He operates his business with a belief that, because 90 percent of self-help books are written for women, women must have a desire to be in more control over various aspects of their lives, including dating.

Like Gleason, though Katz is a dating expert for both men and women, the success stories associated with his services come primarily from female clients who have been helped as a result of his advice and resources. He offers free advice, private relationship coaching and online dating profile writing help.

3. David Wygant

David Wygant

David Wyant’s main mission through his professional relationship coaching services is to help women understand men, at least as well as men can be understood. He encourages women to get serious about the opposite sex, build confidence and love themselves so they can turn around and fall in love with someone else, too.

Wyant offers free dating advice for women, blogs regularly about dating and relationships and a series of audio programs that help walk women through the ins and outs of how to look at dating and relationships the way men do. The fact that he offers both free and paid advice makes his services accessible to many women.

4. Neely Steinberg

Neely Steinberg

Neely Steinberg, dating coach and personal image consultant, wants to help women become “the CEO of their dating and love lives.” Her tips and advice for women on what they can do to improve their romantic endeavors have helped countless women go from somber and single to happy and in love.

She offers dating coaching, online dating help, online dating profile makeovers and image and style makeovers as well. She is currently hosing a free three part video series to help you have more worthwhile, longer lasting relationships and fewer dead-end ones. Her site also features a blog with even more free and helpful tips.

5. April Beyer

April Beyer

You are a pretty smart gal, and you know it. So why is finding a decent guy so hard? April Beyer’s goal is to “help smart women be smart about love.” And it is a fitting tagline, considering she offers insightful and highly intelligent advice to women who are looking for some helping putting their best dating life together.

You have the option to work with Beyer through private coaching or by checking out the dating resources she has to offer. Her blog is also updated regularly and is filled with helpful articles for your reference. You can also join the April Beyer community on social media to get to know other women who are dealing with the same issues as you are.

6. Bobbi Palmer

Bobbi Palmer

Older women have an especially hard time dating, especially those who have built there own careers and/or who are single parents. Bobbi Palmer’s collection of success stories from her products and services proves that she is one of the best dating experts out there for older women.

She coaches women on dating after 40 specifically. Her products and services include a blog filled with advice, private coaching, a free monthly webcast that can be viewed from anywhere anytime and products such as books, audio books and videos to meet women where they are and help them find love later in life.

7. Stephan Labossiere

Stephan Labossiere

Stephan Labossiere is on a mission to make relationships more fulfilling and much happier. He is a speaker, author and certified relationship coach who helps couples create better, longer lasting partnerships with one another. He also helps singles who have yet to find a significant other find the right one.

Like many other dating experts who can be found online, Labossiere hosts a regular blog offering free tips, tricks and advice for anyone in need of dating or relationship help. He offers private coaching in person, over Skype or by phone, making him accessible to anyone anywhere in the world.

Whether you need a dating profile makeover, a little bit more confidence or have no idea where to find the man of your dreams, these dating experts are all here to help you figure your love life out. Don’t give up: with a little help, you will find the one meant for you.