8 Self Confidence Affirmations

Are you feeling low on confidence today? Here’s a simple solution: positive affirmations. For some people, affirmations provide reassurance and instill confidence when they are feeling discouraged or unappreciated. Say them out loud as you read them, and let them change the way you see yourself.

1. “I am goal-oriented.”

Girl approaching Bike

There is something in your life that you either want to do or you want to continue to do, and even in the most general sense, that is a goal. It is important to you, and it means you are working toward something specific. You set goals based on what you want to accomplish, not based on what other people think you should do. You know what you want and what you don’t want, and you are confident enough to communicate that through the goals you set.

2. “I am a problem solver.”

Bolts and Wrench

You do not come undone when a problem stands in your way. In fact, you are always mindful of common problems that need smart solutions. You analyze problems and figure out ways for them to be solved as quickly and simply as possible. To you, solving problems is an unwritten line in your job description, but you take it seriously. You understand that problems prevent you and other people from being the best they can be, and you never blame others when problems are present.

3. “I am better at this skill now than I ever have been.”

Surfing Man

You may not be the best there ever was, but that does not mean you are not good at what you do. You don’t compare your general level of skill to other people’s abilities. You instead focus on the fact that you have worked hard to develop your skills, because like everyone else, you started with no skills at all. At this moment, you are okay with being proud that you are better at what you are doing now than you have ever been before. There is always room for improvement, but the only person you are competing against is yourself.

4. “I learn from my mistakes.”

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Everyone makes mistakes. Maybe even you have made mistakes in the past, and will likely make more of them in the future. That doesn’t scare you, though. Mistakes are not something anyone, including you, should be ashamed of. You don’t see mistakes as failures. Instead, you look at all past and future mistakes as learning experiences. Even before the lesson becomes clear to you, you start wondering about what you are going to learn from the experience. You understand that mistakes are just a part of growing and self-improvement, and once you make them, you know how to avoid them next time.

5. “I am always looking for new opportunities.”

Woman in Field

Even if you are not always completely satisfied with the way your life is going right now, you never let that get you down. You are always on the lookout for new opportunities to advance your skills, meet new people and nourish your hobbies. You know there are a lot of things out there to do and places to explore. Even if you can’t fit them into your schedule right now, you want to someday. Those potential opportunities become goals, and those goals then transform into challenges to be pursued.

6. “I am at my best when I am challenged.”

Mud Run People

Sometimes you get bored easily or have trouble focusing on certain tasks, but that does not mean you are lazy. It means you are eager to find and accept new challenges to make life more interesting and rewarding for both you and for others. You do not back down from challenges: instead, you actively hunt for them. You are never satisfied with just knowing how to do something: the basics aren’t enough for you. You want to push yourself further, and that makes you the type of person that will be able to get the most out of life as possible.

7. “I am knowledgeable about my chosen field of study/work.”

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A person can’t be good at everything, the same way they can’t be an all-around expert in every single subject. It doesn’t matter to you if you aren’t good at one thing: there is something you have studied and gained a lot of experience in over time, and that means you are good at what you do and knowledgeable about your particular field. People can come to you with questions and you are able to answer them. You are okay with asking others for advice or information if there are things you do not know, because your weaknesses are someone else’s strengths. That is what team work is all about.

8. “I choose to live the life I want.”

Man Climbing Rocks

No one is forcing you to do anything. To you, life isn’t about things you should do or have to do: those phrases aren’t even part of your regular vocabulary! Instead, everything you do throughout your day, every day of your life, is your choice. You choose to work where you do and interact with the people around you. Even when things don’t always go the way you planned, you choose to keep moving forward anyway. You choose to focus on living the kind of life you want to live, instead of feeling like you have to do things just to live the life someone else is already living.

Self confidence is all about attitude and perspective. There are going to be times when it is very easy to feel down on yourself and feel like you are not good enough, but those are the feelings that come with comparing yourself to other people and only doing what other people think you should do.

Use positive affirmations that promote self confidence. Keep in mind that you are the only you in this world, and the only things that matter are how you carry yourself and how you interact with those around you. You are good at what you do, you set goals and solve problems and learn from your errors and make your own choices. That is what makes you unique, and you should always be proud of that.