9 Best Self Improvement Apps

Deciding you want to start taking steps to improving yourself is much easier than actually starting to set goals and change habits. Especially when you do not have a friend or family member who can hold you accountable for the things you want to achieve.

Modern technology makes it so you can start reaching for your goals, shedding bad habits and replacing them with new ones and learning how to be happier with the things you have right now. Here are nine of the best self-improvement apps out there for those wanting to make big, gradual changes in their lives.

1. Coach.me

Coach Me

Is there a habit you have always wished you could form, like waking up early or exercising more often? Coach.me is an app that offers leadership and habit coaching to help you set and reach goals to help you improve yourself in areas like confidence, routine and more. While those services require a paid subscription, you can also use the free habit tracking app, which allows you to pick a habit related to a specific goal and asks you to check in daily to hold you accountable for working toward that habit.

2. Happier


Everyone can use an extra dose of happiness in their lives. Sometimes we forget to slow down and appreciate the little things in life that make us happy, but not with this app. Happier is one of those apps that brings you more joy than it takes away. Each day you enter happy moments that you experience. You can either keep these entries private, like a virtual gratitude journal, or you can share them with the app community to get support and encouragement from other users who are also sharing moments of their own. You can use the app however you want: it’s free!

3. Day One App

Day One Journal

Keeping a journal is a great way to make and track self-improvement goals and look back on your progress as you grow and change. With this app you can record your thoughts and memories and reflect on where you have been and what you have written. It acts as a private space where you can record how you are feeling without having to post it all on Facebook for the world to see.

4. Sociidot


Setting and achieving goals is not easy, especially if you are a more visual person. It can be difficult to try and picture something like reaching for and getting to a goal, because, in your head, it is just an idea. Sociidot fixes this problem by showing you a series of dots on your screen, which represent the steps you need to take in order to reach the specific goal you have set. You can choose any goal you want, and watch as you begin to make progress toward achieving it.

5. Lifetick


You might not know it, but there’s a small steps that comes before deciding to set a goal. At least, there should be. Before you set goals, it is important to know what your values are, so that you can base your goals around those values. That is what makes Lifetick a unique goal-setting app. It starts by helping you identify the things that are most important to you, so that you can go on to set goals, track your progress, journal about your dreams and figure out how to make them come true.

6. MyFitnessPal


Do you have a food or fitness goal, but aren’t sure where to begin? Taking charge of your health is a great way to engage in self-improvement, and you can start by downloading MyFitnessPal. This app helps you track what you are eating, breaking down calorie and macronutrient counts. All you have to do is tell it the food you are eating, and it will do the rest. It’s like a virtual food journal, keeping your mind on what you are eating and allowing you to store healthy recipes for future reference.

7. Headspace


There is an easy way to reduce stress and anxiety and help yourself learn to think more clearly and make better decisions: meditation. If you are interested in giving meditation a try, but don’t know where to start, download Headspace. This free app offers guided meditations to help you calm your mind and learn to be more aware of yourself and your surroundings. Meditations are only 10 minutes every single day, which means you can easily fit them into your busy schedule.

8. Unstuck


We have all had those days, weeks, even months where we just feel stuck in a rut. Or we run headfirst into a problem we didn’t see coming, and have no idea how we are supposed to take care of it. If this is you right now, download Unstuck. It’s an app that helps you solve problems and helps motivate you to keep moving forward even when you feel trapped in one location. It is the perfect app to rely on when you are having a bad day and just need some advice on where to go next.

9. BrightNest


Do you need to simplify your life? Chances are, you do. We can’t truly ever reach our goals and become better people if there is too much physical and emotional clutter blocking our paths. That is why BrightNest is such an essential app for self-improvement. It gives you tips for keeping your home clutter-free, which will help shift your focus from the mess in your life to all the wonderful things you want to do that don’t involve cleaning or organization. Get it all done now, so you can give your goals all the attention they deserve.

It takes a lot of work to improve yourself, but things get much easier with the various apps available out there for free. The best methodology for achieving a goal is making sure you can work on it anywhere, any time, and that is why apps are so effective. No more excuses. You are about to finally get yourself on the right track, and finally become the person you have always wanted to be.