Top 9 Best Personal Development Experts

Very few successful people start out as instant sensations. More commonly, they start from the bottom – unappreciated, unsuccessful and lost. Maybe you feel this way right now, and aren’t sure how to move forward. Is there still hope for you? Of course there is.

When we’re feeling behind in life, as if we will never get things under control or that it’s too late for us, it helps to seek out the advice of those who have been where we are. Experts who know our stories, but have proven that anyone can facilitate a better outcome for themselves no matter their past mistakes.

Here are some of the top personal development experts to read, view and learn from as you embark on a journey of self-improvement and life satisfaction like you have never experienced before. These professionals have written bestsellers, started successful companies and, in the process, hope to help you learn to help yourself.

1. Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey May 2013

Attribution: Angela George

Have you ever realized that an alarming amount of time has passed, and you still haven’t reached your own milestones toward success? What’s wrong with you? According to personal development mastermind Steve Harvey, success doesn’t just “happen.” You have to make it happen: nobody else can make it happen for you. Harvey’s Act Like Success programs aim to teach people how to take the appropriate steps that will eventually lead them toward success. Programs include online courses, tools, how-to guides and more.

2. Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen at book signing in Nashville, May 2007

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With personal development must come a little bit of inspiration to get you started. Osteen is a pastor, author and speaker who derives his personal development advice from spiritual roots. Even still, his storytelling and tips for living a more fulfilled life can be applied to anyone’s life and circumstances. His weekly sermons are broadcast live on Sunday mornings, and he is one of the most influential, inspirational public figures in America. His book , Your Best Life Now, was a New York Times bestseller.

3. Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard

You don’t have to start big to start something important. This is personal development trainer and writer Brendon Burchard’s philosophy when it comes to improving yourself and living a better life than you are right now. His blog posts and videos offer online resources and tips for small ways you can improve your life every single day. He is a bestselling author who turned his life around to help other people learn to make the most of the life they have to live.

4. Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington

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Arianna Huffington, co-founder, president and editor-in-chief of the online media platform The Huffington Post, is not only an author and journalist, but also an advocate for using personal stories to inspire other people to find balance in their lives and achieve their goals no matter what it takes. Her books aim to inspire other people to make the most of their professional lives while also making time for personal growth, health and happiness.

5. Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss

Photo by Brian Solis.

Is there anything Tim Ferriss can’t do? If you ever need to be inspired just to get out of bed and get dressed in the morning, this guy will get you there, and much, much further. He is the author of multiple bestselling books that are meant to help you transform the life you are living into something you are experiencing to the fullest. He blogs, hosts a podcast and now even his own TV show. His Twitter account is one of Mashable’s must-follow accounts for entrepreneurs.

6. Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey credit cards

Do you hold your breath every time you hop online to check the balance of your checking account? Worrying about money may be common, but it doesn’t have to be another burden in your life. Dave Ramsey uses his personal story of poor money management and being trapped in debt to inspire others to get their finances – and their whole lives – under control before it’s too late. He has dedicated his life, and his company’s mission, to help you get things in order so that you can go on to be successful, whatever your definiton of success might be.

7. Martha Beck

Martha Beck

It doesn’t matter when in life you start, as long as you remember to get started. Martha Beck had three kids and three Harvard degrees before she wrote her first book. Now she is the president of her own company, a speaker, writer and professional development extraordinaire. Her wisdom will inspire you to find happiness and fulfillment in even the smallest pieces of your life, so you can go on to do great things even if it takes you a little longer to get there than you planned.

8. Seth Godin

Seth Godin

Photo by Joi Ito

You may know him as a marketing guru, but he is much more than an expert in all things entrepreneurial. Godin has one of the most popular blogs in the world, and has published 18 books about topics ranging from leadership to marketing and more. His experience in the business world makes it possible for him to understand how and why we think and act the way we do, and how we can change our thought process and behavior to change the course of our lives for the better.

9. Henry Cloud

Henry Cloud

If you are interested in becoming a better leader, Henry Cloud can be your guide. Dr. Cloud is a clinical psychologist and researcher and an expert in understanding and training the mind to function more effectively in everyday life. His books, interviews and talks revolve around the development of your personal and professional self as a leader, someone who can take charge of a situation and produce the best possible outcome. His expertise and background makes him a professional you can trust.

If these experts can do it, so can you. There is no such thing as “too late” or “not quite good enough.” Everyone has something unique to offer the world, and the above names on the list have proven it. There are thousands of blogs and books and companies out there. These experts’ work stands out because they have yet to give up on their missions. Neither should you.