9 Best Fitness Experts on YouTube

It is very easy to say, “I want to get fit.” Five words that mean a lot more than you probably think they do.

Figuring out how to incorporate physical activity into your routine is a combination of physical and mental determination that, like your muscles, only gets stronger the more you exercise it. In order to help you get fit and stay motivated to be as strong and healthy as you have ever been before, you might need a coach. A free coach, or several. Coaches that can be found on YouTube.

Here are some of the top fitness experts on YouTube and their motivational, informative and entertaining channels.

1. Mark Bell

Mark Bell

Mark Bell is an elite power lifter and former professional wrestler. He is also the creator of Slingshot and owner of the Team Super Training Gym. His YouTube videos feature coaching advice to get you working out more regularly, and make sure you are having a ton of fun doing it, too. The channel also features video versions of Mark Bell’s PowerCast, a podcast that centers on anything and everything related to fitness and the people who do it every day.

2. Nikki Blackketter

Nikki Blackketter

Nikki Blackketter is an online fitness coach and bikini competitor. Her YouTube channel differs from many other fitness experts in that it features not only workout explanations and demonstrations, but also vlogs and Q&A videos where she gets the chance to interact with her followers. She has grown rapidly in popularity because of her channel’s wide variety of formats. Each video she posts is a different from the last, leaving viewers on edge and anxiously anticipating her next upload because they have no idea what will be coming to their subscription boxes next.

3. Bryce Lewis

Bryce Lewis

Bryce Lewis is an elite power lifter who genuinely cares about his clients and his audience. He is the founder of The Strength Athlete, which is an online coaching service for strength training. The Strength Athlete YouTube channel is not just focused on power lifting alone, however. Lewis gives tips ranging from topics like injury prevention to nutrition to stretching and pro tips as well. His mission is to help those new to working out learn how to do it the right way the first time, and he always has something informative and inspirational to say about getting fit and staying strong.

4. Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn Stanley is who you need if you are an aspiring yogi but have no clue if you are fit enough for this whole yoga thing. In addition to occasional challenges, Stanley’s YouTube channel offers demonstration and inspiration for anyone who wants to learn how to improve their flexibility and core strength. You will learn everything from how to do simple yoga poses to how to survive the more complicated moves, and do them correctly and safely as well. These videos are great to watch if you are feeling sore and discouraged but need a quick motivational boost to keep stretching.

5. Bart Kwan

Bart Kwan

Bart Kwan started out online as a comedian on YouTube. While it might seem odd for a funny guy to make the switch from generating laughs to generating fit confidence, the two in many ways go hand in hand. His vibrant personality makes his videos entertaining and informative simultaneously. It is also important for a fitness expert to show their audience they are approachable, something Kwan has definitely achieved. He started his own gym, Barbell Brigade, and now dedicates the channel of the same name to showcasing his own workouts, teaching new lifters the basics, chatting about gym etiquette and more.

6. Jen Sinkler

Jen Sinkler

Sometimes, the trained professionals are the most rewarding to follow online, especially when it comes to fitness, strength training in particular. Jen Sinkler is not just your average fitness guru. She is the creator of Lift Weights Faster and author of the book of the same title. She has been a fitness writer, editor and personal trainer for over a decade, and is a certified CrossFit nad DVRT coach. Her YouTube channel is filled with strength training videos to help you become more powerful and confident in your lifting abilities.

7. Dana Linn Bailey

Dana Linn Bailey

Dana Lynn Bailey is what fitness gurus call a physique pro. She is a professional bodybuilder, and her muscular physique shows it. She doesn’t let it bring her down, though. One of her most popular videos features a string of negative online comments she has received criticizing her for the way she looks. The purpose of the video, however, is to remind viewers that she is proud of who she is and what she looks like no matter what anyone else says, and they should carry themselves with the same positive attitude. Her videos are both informative and inspiring. They will motivate you to get out there and start building some serious muscles of your own.

8. Chris Jones

Chris Jones

Chris Jones runs the Physique of Greatness YouTube channel. It is his no-nonsense attitude and approach to health and fitness that have earned him close to a million subscribers since he joined the YouTube community in 2011. He takes his training seriously and tries whatever it takes to get results, which serves as a motivator to many who are struggling to figure out a fitness regimen that works for them.

9. Elliot Hulse

Elliott Hulse

Elliot Hulse is the man behind Strength Camp, which empowers people to become the strongest versions of themselves. His channel has made a difference in the lives of millions of subscribers. Videos include training videos as well as inspirational and motivational content. There are also series within the channel that focus on holistic health, functional strength and personal development. Hulse has covered personal topics like bullying and low self-esteem and how he was able to use strength training to become stronger not just physically, but in mind and spirit as well.

YouTube fitness experts are your free, dedicated and motivational fitness coaches. They know their stuff well enough to turn around and teach it to their viewers. Take advantage of their advice and try to get a workout in this week. You can do it!