Neen James Interview – High-energy Sales and Leadership Expert

Neen is described by meeting planners as the ‘energizer powerhouse’ for their events. Don’t let her pint-size fool you, she’s a force of nature.

Neen James is often described as a force of nature, with her infectious energy and drive. She is a sales and leadership expert from Australia who has been helping leaders increase sales for years now. She aims to help people focus attention on how they can bring more influence and impact to their leadership roles.

She’s been a sought-after business motivational speaker for years now. Countless audiences have enjoyed her intelligence and practical strategies that can be applied in the real world at work and at home. She can be found at her namesake website,

NeenJames website

Why doesn’t paying attention come more easily to people?

We are living in a world where we are overwhelmed, overstressed and overtired. People are more distracted than they have ever been before as technology has changed the pace at which we work. Social media has changed our communication style and cell phones have allowed us to be constantly connected.

In our digital world I believe analog techniques get results. Consider today writing a thank you note to someone, making a call to remind someone they are important or schedule a date with someone to share a meal to congratulate them on a recent success – it’s the little things we do that make the biggest impact.

In an attention deficit economy we need to create an attention surplus ecomomy. Everything begins with attention. Attention is the true currency.

When someone wants to be more productive, what do you see as the starting point for making improvements?

Start in small increments. Look at time in 15 minute increments and see what you can achieve in just 15 minutes. Invest 15 minutes at the beginning of every day identifying what are your top 3 not negotiable activities you must get complete today and work on those as your priority.

Eliminate distractions by silencing alarms, beeps, reminders, sounds that distract you and allow you to focus on getting things done.

What motivated you to shift from working in corporate careers to establishing yourself as a independent speaker and mentor?

I loved my corporate career and I also love travel. Corporate business only allows a certain number of vacation weeks each year and I love to explore the world. The world of professional speaking appealed to me because I could share strategies that would allow people to get more done and create more significant moments in life that matter.

I believe that paying attention increases productivity, profitability and accountability and I just want people to pay more attention to each other. Speaking allows me a platform to share that message.

Mentoring is so rewarding because I get to share my experience with people to accelerate their career, their journeys and their challenges. It’s fantastic to see my clients promoted, spearheading projects, delivering presentations at important events and strengthening their communication style. My work is so personally and professionally rewarding and allows me a great lifestyle too.

What do you see as the role of mentorship when it comes to a business (or individual) moving past a plateau?

The role of being a mentor and also being a mentee are vital to career success. Working with a great mentor will allow you to learn from someone who has more experience the good, the bad and the ugly!

When I work with individuals to help them achieve their objectives it’s through sharing experiences, examples, specific actions and accountability plans that they are able to achieve greater success professionally and personally because they are implementing the strategies we talk through in our 1:1 mentoring sessions.

As someone who has given countless keynotes and talks, what’s your advice for people attending events who want to increase their take-home value from the speakers they hear?

It is a privilege to be a keynote speaker and it’s fun when audiences have done their homework.

Do your research on the speaker before the event, follow them on social media, watch their YouTube videos, read their blog and have a sense of some of the resources they can offer you.

At the event make a point to connect with them, introduce yourself, share contact information and ask questions to solicit their opinion and advice. Listen to their stories and strategies and then translate how you can apply that in your work and home life to grow your skills and the focus area that is their expertise. All speakers want to help you, ask questions, make connections and stay in touch after the event.