Henri Junttila Interview – Helping People to Find and Follow Their Purpose in Life

Henri Junttila was born and raised in Sweden. His specialty is helping people translate their innate passions into successful online businesses that can support their lifestyles.

His business, Wake Up Cloud, is designed to help average people get a head start on the thriving online business world, a place that Henri calls lifestyle business. He’s an expert at helping people focus on the right information and progress without feelings of being overwhelmed or stressed, learning the fundamentals of online business making, and creating a sense of freedom in their lives.

Wake Up Cloud

What was the catalyst that made you decide to make your living online?

I was a professional poker player at the time. Working with websites was something I’d done ever since I was a teenager, so I was always drawn to the online space. It felt natural to me.

The catalyst was that playing poker had lost its luster. It didn’t resonate with me anymore. And an opportunity to make a living online came along, and it resonated with me, so off I went.

You say that you “failed over and over again” before you found success in your work. What do you think it was that finally clicked into place so that things started to improve in your career?

I stopped chasing what I thought would work, and I began listening to what felt magnetic to me. What feels magnetic to me is what is meant for me in this life. When I chase after money, success, or am pushed around by fear, things tend to end in frustration and disappointment. Then again, maybe I had just banged my head against the wall enough times that something clicked.

What’s your advice to people who aren’t sure that their passion could ever really become a business?

Don’t worry about it. Focus on what feels magnetic to you. Take life one step at a time. If it turns into a business, great. If it doesn’t, no problem, because it will lead you to something else that was meant for you. I’ve noticed in my life that when I follow what I call my Inner GPS, my heart, I am in the right place at the right time.

That doesn’t mean my life is without problems, because it isn’t. Problems are dependent on how you view your life. It’s about your mind and how you relate to life. But that’s another topic altogether. Life has ups and downs, but they are okay when I follow what resonates. This is my life, and I am meant for whatever comes my way.

So instead of trying so hard to turn your passion into a business, focus on what is interesting to you in this moment. What do you resonate with? What feels magnetic? From there, let life take care of itself.

Why is it so difficult for some people to identify and describe what their passion is?

Because they are stuck in their mind trying to force clarity. When I work privately with people, I help them untangle the knot that is their mind, and help them gain clarity of what to do next.

You see, you can be stuck in an idea that has nothing to do with living a fulfilling life. That idea can stop you in your tracks, and has stopped many for their whole lives.

You don’t have to identify and describe your passion. It’s great if you can. And it’s helpful to do exercises, like the ones I have in my book Find Your Passion, but you don’t need 100% clarity. All you need is to ask yourself: What resonates with me in this moment?

Then take one tiny step forward. The path reveals itself as you walk it. You do not figure the path out before you start. That’s not the way it works, at least not according to my experience.

How do you see the concept–and practice–of lifestyle businesses evolving over the next ten (or more) years?

I see it becoming more common for people to work for themselves; to be a contractor, entrepreneur, writer, and so on. The focus will shift to the individual, and what is correct for each person.

This also puts pressure on people to develop their skill set, and to stand out. This naturally comes from following your heart, and Inner GPS, because you are unique. The question is: Are you letting that uniqueness shine, or are you trying to fit yourself into a mold created by someone else?

You can visit my website here: http://www.wakeupcloud.com.