9 Productivity Experts to Follow on Facebook

Productivity experts are everywhere these days, especially hanging out on various social media platforms. While Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms for productivity experts, if you follow a lot of accounts, their tweets can very easily get lost in the noise. This is one reason it can be beneficial to follow the experts you know and love on Facebook.

Here are some of the top productivity experts you will want to follow on Facebook for some of the best articles, tips and inspiration you can find.

1. Peter Walsh

Peter Walsh facebook

Peter Walsh is an organizational design expert, and his tips will help you become more productive by making sure you can get your life more organized. His expertise shows in what he shares today, though he has previously appeared on various well-known television programs such as the Oprah Winfrey Show and The Rachel Ray Show. He is also an author and speaker, and following him on Facebook will allow you to receive photos, inspirational quotes and helpful articles to keep everything in your life organized no matter what.

2. Laura Vanderkam

Laura Vanderkam facebook

Laura Vanderkam publishes articles all over the web, including in The New York Times and other well respected sites. On Facebook she shares a mix of photos and articles, and article topics range from how to fit exercise into a busy day to how to accept compliments at work and in social situations. With her tips, you will be able to make time for all the things you used to think did not fit into your schedule. Her productivity advice is all about achieving optimal work life balance, which is something we can all work on as we learn to be productive in the best ways possible.

3. Neen James

Neen James facebook

Neen James is a productivity expert who engages clients both one on one and through large scale company wide training. She is dedicated to helping people figure out how to conquer twice as many tasks as they are right now. The post she shares on Facebook are a combination of helpful reminders in the form of photo quotes, as well as frequent article shares from various online business and productivity sites. She posts several times a day and will always provide helpful links to articles you never even knew you needed to read.

4. Jeff Goins

Jeff Goins facebook

Writer and speaker Jeff Goins is the author of The Art of Work and writes on his blog about all things related to work and productivity. His Facebook page is filled with shared articles and user engagement, as well as helpful quotes and videos. He also frequently shares posts from other blogs and websites from other experts to give a variety of userful productivity related information to his audience. His profile is worth a follow if you are looking for some consistent updates on how to keep living the most productive life you possibly can.

5. Tim Ferriss

Tim ferriss facebook

Creator of The Four Hour Workweek Tim Ferriss is more than just an author, podcast host and productivity expert. He is also an expert Facebook engager, posting anything from photos to links from his blog to questions to ask his upcoming podcast guests. You don’t always know what is going to come next from Tim’s Facebook profile, which is the best part about following it. He is unpredictable in the best way, reminding followers that life can be organized and spontaneous all at the same time.

6. Laura Stack

Laura Stack facebook

Laura Stack, the Productivity Pro, is a female leadership and productivity expert who always has great advice for those looking to boost their productivity in the workplace and elsewhere. On Facebook she shares articles not just from her own site, but from a mix of sites and blogs to give her followers as much well-rounded information about productivity as possible. She shares one piece of media per day, which means following her won’t clog up your news feed, but the information she shares is always valuable and worth clicking on.

7. Julia Roy

Julia Roy facebook

Julia Roy doesn’t believe employees should have to sit in desks throughout their work day in order to get things done. Through WorkHacks, she helps businesses learn how to be more productive without relying on meetings and having everyone do only individual work in front of computers all day long. Follow her on Facebook for all kinds of updates, everything from helpful productivity articles to announcements to photos and videos from her garden (see? Even she has time for gardening – she must know what she’s talking about!).

8. Carson Tate

Carson Tate facebook

Carson Tate is an author and productivity mastermind you will want to follow on Facebook as soon as possible. Not only does she link to relevant information and tips from her own site, but also shares articles from other sources to help boost your productivity as well. Her systems for working more productively at work and everywhere else are about as useful as they come, and you will love her daily tips and reminders as much as you will love your new, highly productive and efficient lifestyle.

9. Ellen Bendin

Ellen Bendin

If your barrier to productivity is lack of organization, Ellen Bendin is the expert you need to follow next. Ellen Bendin is a productivity expert and self-proclaimed professional organizer. Her tips aim to help anyone declutter and simplify their lives and get organized for maximum productivity in the immediate future. She shares tips from other productivity experts as well as plenty of quick videos to help you get your life in order.

Figuring out how to be more productive is not always the easiest task, but these productivity experts can help you take steps toward a more productive, organized and fulfilling life. When you are more productive, you are much more capable of achieving your goals and managing stress. Your health, your relationships and your work are all important parts of your life, and the better you can balance them all, the more you will be able to accomplish throughout your lifetime.